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How Playlists on TikTok Can Significantly Increase Views

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Blog, Social Media | 0 comments

TikTok emerged from nowhere and quickly established itself as a legitimate social network. The fact that it was done in a market with so much competition in such a short time is awe-inspiring.

TikTok has a significant advantage over competitors such as Facebook: a predominantly younger demographic. In the US, Generation Z is the primary audience for TikTok, while Facebook needs help keeping young users

However, for the majority of marketers, TikTok remains a mystery. Even though TikTok has added more advertising options to compete with the market leaders, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are used by more people. That is different from saying that there is no value. If used correctly, TikTok can be an excellent source of highly targeted traffic.

The platform continues to develop new features that can increase views and user engagement. Playlists are one such feature on TikTok. They’ve been around since last year and are a fantastic way to increase engagement by instantly increasing video views.

How TikTok playlists function and who can create them

Tiktok has announced that its playlist feature will debut in 2021. As the name suggests, it lets users organize their videos to make them easy to find so that their best work can be seen without having to look through their profiles. TikTok displays playlists on the user’s profile above their pinned and most recent videos.

It appears to be a feature that should be accessible to all TikTok users. Unfortunately, this is not the case at this time. The playlist feature on TikTok is exclusive to specific content creators. How can a playlist be created on TikTok? On the Video tab of your profile, you’ll find an option to make one.

A user’s requirements are unknown before this feature can be enabled. If TikTok adds this feature in stages, all its users should be able to make playlists at some point.

The benefits of creating playlists on TikTok

If you’re one of the fortunate users with access to this feature, it’s time to consider the advantages of creating TikTok playlists.

Prime placement for your best content

TikTok’s For You page is built with the idea of helping users discover new creators. The app actively sends people your way who may never have seen your content before. You’d want them to see your best work first, so they’ll stay and become an engaged follower.

The playlists will be front and center when someone comes across your video and opens your profile. It allows you to use your content to make the best first impression possible. A playlist with some of your best work will ensure that these new visitors appreciate your work and become part of your audience.

Significant increase in watch time

Watch time is one of the most critical metrics for video content creators. It tells them precisely how long their content can keep the viewer’s attention. Higher watch times mean that the viewers appreciate the content and are happy to stick around for more.

Playlists on TikTok provide users with the ability to increase their watch time. By putting together curated collections of their content, they can keep viewers interested and entertained for longer. This will increase the amount of time people spend watching and build a stronger relationship with the audience, which will lead to more people watching all of their content.

Assist viewers in locating the desired content

If you create episodic content on TikTok, users will want to be able to watch all related videos in a single session. For instance, if you make videos about cooking and knitting, someone who is only interested in your recipes may be interested in something other than your knitting-related content.

By creating separate playlists for the topics on which you create content, you can make it easier for viewers to find what content is relevant to them. This makes an excellent first impression, and the fact that you made it easier for them to interact with your content will make them more likely to keep doing so over time.

Best practices for TikTok playlists

TikTok playlists should have a structure that helps viewers understand what they’re watching and what to expect from the following videos. This is especially important for brand accounts, as only some of your followers will likely be interested in your products and services.

It is essential to keep in mind that great playlists tell a story. They are not simply a collection of random videos thrown together. They are meant to make a complex web of your best content that keeps people interested and coming back for more. Adding an intro video to your playlists is a great way to begin them. It introduces the viewer to the content they are about to experience. The beginning should be exciting and catchy so that the reader wants to keep reading and find out what else you have to say.

Users of social media have a notoriously short attention span. If your videos are excessively long or appear to be rambling, your viewers will likely only watch a couple of them and will likely not return. It is crucial to keep content short, so the message gets across quickly and keeps the reader’s attention.

Engagement with the audience is an essential aspect of any social media activity. People who view your playlists will leave comments on the videos, some of which will likely contain suggestions and criticism. Take the time to interact with each of them, as viewers value creators who try to connect with their audiences.

Playlists are essential for long-term success on TikTok

Playlists on TikTok play a significant role in ensuring platform success and increasing views. Once individuals appreciate your playlist’s content, they are more likely to visit your profile and follow you.

Consider playlists as an additional channel for driving traffic to your main profile. If interested in your content, they will want to follow you to continue seeing it. This will lead to more people watching your videos, which will help you keep doing well on one of the largest social media networks in the world.