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Developing Your Small Business Blog: Where to Find Excellent Topic Ideas

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Blog, Marketing, Media | 0 comments

You know it is prudent to include a blog on your small business website. After all, it helps with SEO and establishes you as an authority in your field. However, coming up
with blog topics can require considerable effort. You may be able to come up with a dozen or more topics off the top of your head, but you will eventually hit a wall.

Fortunately, there are numerous excellent resources available. These provide good blog post ideas for the foreseeable future.

Conduct a search for topics online.

A simple starting point is online research. Enter “[Industries] blog topics.” There are likely numerous lists containing dozens of suggestions. These topics will include
industry-specific blog posts, such as industry-related news stories. Additionally, there are general topics, such as how to tell your brand’s story.

Share Business News

Additionally, news stories about your industry are an excellent source for blog topics. Focusing on newsworthy stories for your audience is essential. For example, if you own a clothing store, you could find news articles about celebrity fashion or fashion trends. Or, if you are a pharmacist, you could talk about new medicines and progress in your field.

Use Content Tools

Think about the value of content tools that can help you come up with ideas for topics. Based on keywords, various tools will generate topics for you. Additionally, you can use content tools to determine which keywords you should prioritize. You can then create blog posts revolving around those keywords.

Ask Your Clients

You want your blog to interest your customers and give them the necessary information. You desire that they view you as their go-to resource for answers.

It makes sense to inquire about what they want you to write about.

You can do so by distributing a brief survey. You can also include questions about potential topics or categories with another study you send. Limit the survey to five to ten questions for the best results. To keep your survey simple, use multiple-choice or checkbox questions. Add a blank line for optional comments.

Search for Frequent Online Queries

You should ask your customers what they want to know more about and what they are interested in. You can determine what people search for online. Check Google’s
“People Also Ask” section after entering a keyword or phrase relevant to your industry or business.

Additionally, you can view the “related searches” section. Both of these are exceptional topics.

Examine Online Forums

Forums are yet another option for determining the questions your audience wants answered. While forums are less popular than they once were, there are still many
online communities and forums to draw inspiration. Reddit and Quora are two possibilities.

Examine Remarks on Blogs, Posts, Images, and More

Additionally, comments are a good source of topics your audience is interested in. These may include comments on virtually any subject. If a recent blog comment asks about a related topic, use it as inspiration. Browse through your social media posts and photos. In the comments section, topics that come up often can give you an idea of the kind of content that would interest your target audience.

Consult Your Team

Your team can provide excellent blog post ideas. They might have a specific interest in your industry that they could write about. Or, frequently asked questions from customers would make perfect blog post topics.

Collect Ideas from Other Blogs

Checking out the blogs of your competitors in your industry is a simple and effective way to find interesting blog topics. Find a few companies in your industry that have
outstanding blogs and bookmark them for easy access. Whenever you need inspiration, you can easily visit their blogs for blog post ideas.

Remember that you must generate original content. If you find an appealing topic, read what other blogs have written about it. Mix the information you get from different
sources with what you know about the industry.

Gain Inspiration From Your Business

A lengthy list of blog topics can be generated from within your organization. Depending on how you use these ideas, you can come up with an endless number of topics as your business grows. Some topics are likely to generate dozens of posts. For example, each staff member could be interviewed in a separate post. Other possibilities include the following:

● Various facets of your company’s history
● Interviews with personnel
● Client testimonials and interviews
● Presentations of goods and services
● Declarations of new products
● Future expansions
● Other company updates

Convert Other Content Types Into Blogs

Your small business probably makes a lot of different kinds of content as part of its marketing efforts. You probably have video marketing and social media posts in addition to blogs. Adopt the practice of reusing content. You can make a blog post out of a popular video or a video out of a blog post with a lot of comments. If one of your posts on social media gets a lot of attention, you might want to turn it into a long blog post.


Small businesses typically have close ties to their local communities. Therefore, it makes sense to occasionally include blog posts about your community. Utilize your blog to discuss upcoming industry-related community events. You may elect to conduct interviews with community members involved in the situation. This is what happens when a business, like a gym, talks to college athletes in the area for a blog post.

Record All Your Thoughts

Some of the best ideas for blog posts can occur at the most random times. Develop the habit of writing down your thoughts as they occur. Even if you already have a list of headlines for the following month, keeping track of all your ideas will ensure that you always have exciting and timely blog topics.


These tips will provide you with an endless supply of blog topics. Create engaging and compelling content and strategically distribute your blogs to maximize their impact.