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7 Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses That Deliver Results

by | Oct 22, 2022 | Blog, Marketing | 0 comments

How do you get more traffic and boost your website’s visibility in search engines? Link building is a proven way to accomplish both!

It will not only increase the chances that someone comes across a link to your website, but it also adds to your reputation factor in the search engines, boosting your search engine rankings.

What link-building techniques should your small business employ in light of this?

Take into account the following methods, which require little in the way of supplies.

Look for Mentions Without Links – Then Take Care of the Links

More often than you realize, people talk about your company. However, it’s likely that few of those mentions will contain backlinks. If you discover any, you can request that a backlink be added. Since someone who mentions your brand is already happy enough to do so, selling this should be straightforward.

Naturally, take the time to read the mention before contacting the other party and requesting a backlink. Requesting backlinks from unfavorable mentions would be impolite and possibly counterproductive.

Contribute to Your Community

Being active in the community is one of the best ways to naturally build links to your website. Nonprofits and charities in your area will likely acknowledge if you donate money or give your time. If nothing else, you can draft a press release that the neighborhood paper will publish. The organization you support will always give you backlinks if you opt for a larger sponsorship or donation. Get creative with this, and don’t just focus on local charities. Remember to include any local events or educational institutions.

Think About Providing Scholarships

Another way to help the local community while gaining backlinks is to offer a scholarship. As a bonus, some of your backlinks will be extremely valuable because they will come from .edu websites. You will, of course, need to budget for this, but it can be very effective. Ideally, you should limit applicants to those who live nearby. You could also restrict it to majors relevant to your industry.

Reach Out to Local or Niche Bloggers

Influencer marketing works, and you can use it to your advantage by working with well-known bloggers in your area. Bloggers will look for short-term partnerships with local businesses. After all, they can only come up with so many content ideas on their own.

Invite yourself to write a guest post for their blog. Alternatively, provide a free service or product for a review or mention. Don’t forget to build a genuine relationship with them by resharing their content. They will eventually follow suit. For better results, choose a blogger relevant to your business.

Write Guest Posts

Local bloggers are not the only ones to whom you can offer to write guest posts. Look for relevant websites in your industry and accept guest blogging. You must identify relevant websites that accept guest posts and create a compelling topic. Then, before you can write the piece, you must pitch the subject and get approval.

Promote Your Content

When you post something to your website or blog, feel free to disseminate it. Promote your content beyond social media platforms. You may also publish on LinkedIn, Medium, and other sites.

Offer Testimonials or Case Studies

From a commercial standpoint, giving case studies or testimonials may appear peculiar. After all, you want to collect this information for your organization, not share it with others. The company will usually link to your website when you give a testimonial or participate in a case study. However, there is no assurance that they will backlink. In addition, you are putting your reputation at risk. Therefore, you should only do this if you have faith in the organization.


With the suggestions above in mind, you should be well on your way to acquiring additional backlinks for the website of your small business. This should result in increased traffic and increased sales.