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5 Ways to Use Your Social Media to Generate Interest & Leads

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

If you own a business in this day and age, it is almost required that you have some kind of social media presence. While many of you are surely using these platforms to their full capacity (and bringing in a lot of customers in the process), it isn’t always easy to get your social media pages up and running. If you are having difficulty generating leads or bringing in new, paying customers, don’t worry! We put together this list of 5 social media optimization strategies that you can use to generate more leads today!

Strategy 1 – Offer free products

While this seems counter intuitive, offering free products can be a great way to establish contact with potential customers. Look through the content you offer, whether it is ebooks, movies, or some other form of digital media; pick the most interesting example and offer it for free on your social media pages. Set it up so that if customers want this free content, all they need to do is provide their email address. Not only does this help build word of mouth promotion- after all, who isn’t going to tell their friends about free stuff- it also provides you a way to communicate with potential customers in the future.

Strategy 2 – Use keywords

Your bio on your social media pages is a great place to utilize relevant keywords to your product or service; including these keywords will make your business’ social media page show up when people make a Google search containing these keywords.

Knowing what keywords to use isn’t always easy. It might be a good idea to look at the kinds of keywords that your competitors are using; choose keywords that aren’t commonly used by your competitors, while still being likely terms for a customer to use in a Google search.

An example makes this concept easier to understand. Let’s say you run a roofing business. You wouldn’t want to use an overly simple keyword like “roofing company” or “roofing repair.” These keywords will be used a lot, so your business won’t stand out as much. Maybe try including your location with a more specific, but still searchable, such as “The best roofing company in the Calgary area”

Strategy 3 – Tag Location

This is crucial if you want to build local engagement and interest. Every time you make a post, be sure to tag your location. Not only will this result in higher engagement right off the bat, it will also make it easier for possible customers to find your business.

And even if your business does not have an actual physical store or office, it is still useful to tag your location. This will make your local community more aware of your site and business, which is an important step to building a customer base. If you do have an online store and decide to tag your location, make sure you are clear that people anywhere can still access and purchase your product or service; you don’t want to shut out potential customers!

Strategy 4 – Utilize strong calls to action (CTAs)

A call to action is key to turning a prospective customer into a paying customer. If a customer scrolls all the way through your profile or post, but doesn’t see a place to purchase your product or go to your website, they are most likely going to get irritated. This is the last thing you want a potential customer to be feeling, so make sure to include obvious CTAs that will take customers to the next steps to engage with your business.

The way these CTAs work will vary, depending on which social media platform you are using a that time. On Instagram and Facebook, for example, there are dedicated buttons on your profile for this. Twitter also supports CTAs, but only in your bio or on your posts; there are no buttons for it. LinkedIn also gives you some useful options for CTAs. Utilizing these will certainly help you engage with your leads.

Strategy 5 – Provide a phone number

This almost seems like a no-brainer, but it is still an important strategy to consider. Since so much of your social media will be accessed via your customer’s smartphones, including a phone number on your various profiles is a great, easy way to open communication with your customers. Just make sure that it can receive text messages and has somebody monitoring for calls. This will allow you to engage with as many leads as possible.

Get Started Now!

These strategies are a great way to optimize your social media to bring in more leads. There’s no time like the present to get started- implement them today!